The Easiest and Fastest Way to Exchange info

Share your business profile, pictures, catalog, social media, and more with just one tap

  • Step 1

    Set up and activate your profile. Personalize the look of your digital business card. 

  • Step 2

    Start connecting with people with a single tap. Life changing!

  • Step 3

    Enjoy dozens of features designed to collect, nurture, and keep track of all your connections

Let Your Profile Speak For You

  • Share your info instantly
  • Capture leads from your profile
  • Share pics, forms and files
  • Export to other platforms

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Grow Your Contact List Much Faster

Share, tap and relax. Your profile will automatically save new contacts, collect information, promp interactive actions, and share information.

Easily Double Your Engagement

Setup automated reminders, and follow ups based on new and existing users interactions

Perfect for Enterprises

Control profiles, files, and activities from the manager dashboard. Compare data within your team to maximize their performance.

Enterprise Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

How many profiles can I have with one Loro card?

Up to 5 different profiles! You can active/deactivate them at your convinience

Can I reuse Loro cards?

Yes! With Loro cards you only have to buy one card forever! If your employee leave, just update the card info, is that simple :)

Do I need a subscription to use my Loro card?

No, our product is free to use for everyone! We offer a premium subscription for more sophisticated features.

Which phones are compatible with Loro Cards?

All phones that use NFC technologies, which include all iPhone versions since iPhone 12 and most newer Android devices (90% of them). Phones that do not have NFC technology can still read the printed QR code in our cards

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